2013/11 U-kon provides substructure for the construction of the largest photovoltaic area in Europe

Project Frodeparken in Sweden


The White architects group has developed a residential complex with a 900sqm large photovoltaic facade, project Frodeparken in Uppsala, Sweden. The objective is to reduce the energy consumption of the building to 50kWh/m2 with self-produced energy. Therefore the power produced by solar cells of the thin-film photovoltaic technology will be used for ventilation, pumps and lifts in the building.

FrodeparkenThe system solution for homogeneous integrated solar panels, system ATS-Sun from U-kon International GmbH was able to convince technically and aesthetically. The project is considered as a contribution to promote the development and implementation of solutions with alternative energy sources.

The engineers calculated to recoup the investment costs by today‘s electricity prices in about 23 years. In addition, the surplus electricity generated from the largest solar façade in housing to be sold in cooperation with local electricity providers.

The U-kon International is proud to have been in this prestigious project as a partner and thus to contribute to solutions using alternative energy sources in facades.