Screws are used throughout the substructure as reliable fasteners


Self-drilling screws





For every mounting substrate there is a suitable dowel as a wall anchor


Wall anchors





Rivets are used throughout the substructure as reliable fasteners


Special blind rivet




Thermal isolators

To separate the contact surfaces between wall brackets and the substrate





Support elements

The support elements are smaller system supporting components



Cladding materials with notches or hooks are attached on these.




Cladding materials with undercut anchors are attached with these.




Sliding elements

Sliding elements are a part of our standard substructure system






The profiles are the main components of our systems



Supporting profiles


a-01 A-01    a-14 A-14    a-24 A-24


a-30 A-30    a-30-1 A-30.1    a-39 A-39


a-47 A-47    a-47-1 A-47.1    a-54 A-54




Other profiles


a-08 A-08    a-12 A-12    a-16 A-16


a-16-2 A-16.2    a-17 A-17    a-17-2 A-17.2


a-18-1 A-18.1    a-19 A-19    a-28-3 A-28.3


a-42 A-42    a-43 A-43    a-44 A-44


a-45 A-45    a-64 A-64    a-65 A-65


50-50-2 50-50-2    30-30-2 30-30-2




Wall brackets

Our wall brackets are available in different versions depending on the system and is divided into the following categories:


L-Wall brackets




U-Wall brackets




U-Wall bracket extensions




High Wall brackets