U-kon Engineering is our partner company with a headquarter in Nizhny Novgorod. Projects all over Russia are coordinated from here. This site is in russian language.

U-kon Engineering


in the following are our partners in alphabetical order



ALUCOBOND® is the original and since 1969 the global leader in aluminum composite panels. ALUCOBOND® shows excellent product properties as extraordinary flatness, a variety of colors and perfect formability and was developed as a rigid, yet flexible façade material for architecture. ALUCOBOND® is extremely weatherproof, impact-resistant and break-proof, vibration-damping, and ensures easy and fast installation. As a light composite material consisting of two aluminum cover sheets and a plastic core, the versatile ALUCOBOND® is next to the in modern architecture, a preferred product for image-building corporate design, and is widely used in industrial and transportation applications.
Numerous international awards are the rewards of a successful product. With over 130 million square meters sold of aluminum composite panels ALUCOBOND® is the most successful material worldwide.

3A Composites



Die The ABET GmbH is the german sales company of the italian laminate manufacturer Abet Laminati. Abet Laminati stands for design-oriented board materials in floors, walls, furniture, facades, vehicles and interior design.

Abet Laminati



Reynobond® - the perfect aluminum composite panel solution for a wide variety of architectural requirements. Reynobond® is particularly suitable for unique designs of facades and interior walls, both in new buildings and renovation projects. Reynobond® brings compelling product advantages such as low weight, high rigidity and flatness as well as small extension with them, and in addition to the huge selection of colors and gloss levels, unusual design and special surface coatings. Reynobond® is perfect for exterior and interior applications for its weather resistance in the fields of Architecture, Corporate ID, Sign and Display, transport and industry.

Reynobond International



Bralo is one of the world's most competitive companies in the manufacturing and distribution of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts. Since its founding 25 years ago, the implementation of a continuous program of investment and the development of its own technology innovations has been driven. Bralo today employs around 400 people, has production facilities on three continents and an extensive sales network comprising nine independent subsidiaries and numerous distributors and authorized retailers. With customers in over 60 countries Bralo is a leading brand in the field of connection technology.




EJOT is a company in the field of connection technology. The core of todays EJOT-Group is the former screw factory Adolf Böhl in south westphalian Berghausen. By the time led growth, acquisitions and diversification to a corporate network. With over 2100 employees, of which about 1400 belong to german locations, further 700 employees working in international companies.




EFA Handel und Management GmbH is a trading company in the field of rear ventilated facades since 1994. With estimated 1.8 million m² rear ventilated facades realized using the U-kon® substructure systems the EFA Handel und Management GmbH belongs to the international successful companies in this field.

EFA Handel und Management



Founded in 1955, the GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has developed into a leading international company in the blind rivet technology. High quality, reliability of GESIPA® blind rivets and blind rivet nuts and the innovative, high-quality installation tools have made GESIPA® a valued partner of trade and industry. About 600 employees in seven production facilities worldwide, including three locations in Germany provide that even the highest customer expectations are met daily. Short distances and quick decisions contribute to a good cooperation. Eight subsidiaries and more than forty foreign representatives are responsible for the international distribution of GESIPA® blind rivet.

Gesipa Blindniettechnik



The GheoGlas GmbH stands for products made of natural wood elements, structural timbers and wood materials with a special polyurethane coating. The special processing method provides the environmental benefits of wood façade elements with surfaces in furniture quality. The polyurethane coating guarantees that even completely exposed to the weather, the material is free of maintenance and repair for over a decade.




The KEIL Befestigungstechnik GmbH in Engelskirchen near Cologne has more than 1,000 successfully completed projects, which makes it one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative facade fixing systems based on the undercut technology. Based on research and patents KEIL offers architects and façade manufacturers specialized solutions, to fasten facade panels on the rear avoiding visually disturbing front mounting points. Numerous economic advantages in terms of durability and installation make the KEIL Befestigungstechnik more and more the preferred fixing system for facade panels in construction projects.

Keil Befestigungstechnik



Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH Wilthen stands for innovation and tradition since 1953. KEW is an international export company with a distribution in about 40 countries of the world. The export proportion of the company is about 85%. The mounting materials makes up about 80% of the total sales per year.

KEW Kunstofferzeugnisse



The MBE GmbH is on the market for about 30 years. The company started with the assembly and distribution of metal frame and sill anchors screws of case-hardened steel. By the time the product range has changed and increased many times. For 20 years special fasteners for large cladding panels are produced in their own paint shop with a weather-and UV-resistant color-coating.

Moderne Befestigungs Elemente GmbH



Like no other company PREFA Aluminumprodukte GmbH has made itself a name in the last 60 years with the development, production and marketing of roof and wall systems made from aluminum across the austrian national borders. The fast-growing, innovative company is now successfully represented in 16 european countries and has 320 employees. Over 4,000 pieces of high quality PREFA aluminum products are exclusively produced in Austria and Germany

PREFA Aluminiumprodukte