ats-sunIn architecture, the additive fitting of photovoltaic elements on or near buildings are met with great interest. Our project deals with the adaptation of the photovoltaic (PV) thin-film technology for composite panels in rear ventilated facades, aesthetically convincing and fit without any extra effort in planning and construction process.

The new PV modules are edged with standard facade elements. U-kon International was the first to develop the conditions for integrating solar modules in a commercial facade system. Part of the work involved building law and technical building requirements, as well as economic viability analyses for this kind of application.




Due to the concealed fastening on the back of the panels it results in a visually homogeneous and fully usable front for energy recovery.




The substructure allows individual insulation thickness on the outer wall. This allows energy-saving by combining ideal building techniques and active power, particularly in the facade renovation. Life cycle analysis, when subject to relevant factors, could in many cases prove productivity when compared to rear ventilated facades show glass panels. The extensive experimental studies on the prototype promises a practical and durable building construction product, that the industrial partners continued until now to market with general building approval.


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